Monday, 8 November 2010



Time to get down to business and say something that has been bothering me for a while. I am going to get the liberal Catholics going here. I can hear them saying  “It took us years to get rid of those Altar Rails”.

Well I’ve had enough of 1960’s Vatican II hippies spoiling our Eucharistic experience.

The truth about liberal Catholics (aka the Spirit of Vatican II'ers) is that during and after the 1960’s a lot of Catholics saw the world changing and they realised that they could change what-ever they wanted with all the new excesses that were now available. But, wait! What was the only thing they couldn’t change? The answer is the Catholic Church. So what did these liberals  do? They used the language of 'the Laity section in' Vatican II to twist the arms of their Bishops & Priests. The Bishops got scared thinking there would be some sort of mass exodus out of the church and this is where we ended up. 

So today I bring YOU a new National Campaign to


If we take communion whilst kneeling we have just a short while to contemplate the true beauty of what is about to take place in receiving the Blessed Sacrament,

Let’s bring back some reverence to Holy Communion!

Small Print Disclaimer - Just because I am campaigning for altar rails  does not mean I am an old git (and even goes to events outside church with, shock horror, guitars). However, just because you are younger than 40 doesn't mean you have to accept second best in our Catholic church!).


  1. Just the topic of conversation that was held after our Mass (EF) on Sunday.
    There is a practical side to this (which does not detract from the overriding one of receiving the Body of Christ with due reverence and humility) and that is, for the older members of the congregation, Communion Rails are invaluable in assisting them to kneel and then get to their feet again. May sound trivial but, the older I get the more important a matter it becomes!

  2. Well, in my parish, almost everyone kneels, and we have no altar rails. The creaky who want to kneel use their neighbours for any exra help. Why not campaign for not-queuing and kneeling-being-facilitated instead? No investment needed.