Wednesday, 10 November 2010

PRAYER FOR ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              You may have noticed that Gadfly has placed the Prayer for England at the side of this blog page. This is because I simply can not understand why we do not say it at the end of every Mass on a Sunday. Pope Leo XIII commissioned the prayer which was probably composed by his English Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Val. It was stated by Leo XIII that the prayer be said after mass with the main aim of converting Anglicans back to Catholicism. Though it also is believed to have contributed to the final emancipation of Catholics in Britain.

             However, the reading of this Prayer was stopped after 19 years & many of us believe that although a final emancipation occurred England has not been converted. Gadfly along with many English Catholic organisations wants this prayer re-instating. 

THE PROBLEM - I believe many of our LIBERAL BISHOPS will not have any thing to do with it because it is not ECUMENICAL.

GAD FLY SAYS - "Well Bishops of England & Wales we know that our prayers will be answered. So how can we expect to get conversions to our Church if we are not praying, as the body of Christ, for these conversions?

Time to bring back the  
Prayer for England!

Small Print - Gadfly wishes to state that I would prefer the prayer to be for all those who live in England, not just Anglicans. Some content from L.M.S. Chairman Blog, many thanks.


  1. I agree with you. Tacky fake ecumenism is at the bottom of much of this silly stuff.

    We should be praying for the conversion of everyone in England, whatever their present religion or lack of it.

    God bless!

    1. On busy Bayswater Road in central London, near the spot at Tyburn where Saints John Houghton, Edmund Campion, Oliver Plunket, and the other 105 Catholic martyrs were executed, stands a convent. Here is a shrine to the martyrs and Perpetual Adoration of the Eucharist by the 25 cloistered nuns in the Tyburn Benedictine order. “We pray for the conversion of England,”

      Read more:

  2. Yes I agree God. bless. your work. I have tech problem with my phone. will write later Paul Hellyer

  3. 18 In the same way, prayer is essential in this ongoing warfare. Pray hard and long. Pray for your brothers and sisters. Keep your eyes open. Keep each other's spirits up so that no one falls behind or drops out.

    Ephesians 6:17 Ephesians 6:18 Ephesians 6:19