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Prayer to St. Eustace White Feast Day 25th October Louth Martyr 40 Martyrs of England and Wales Blessed John Henry Newman



b. 1560 (Louth) - d.1591 (Tyburn)

Martyred at Tyburn for being Catholic. 

Feast Day 25th October
(Canonised by Pope Paul VI, 1970)

Fr. White was imprisoned in London on 18th September 1591 where for 46 days he was kept lying on straw with his hands closely manacled. On 25th October the Privy Council gave orders for his examination under torture. Fr White was tortured by the notorious Topcliffe who suspended him in manacles for over 8 hours on 7 different occasions. It is reported that the sweat from his body formed pools under him, such were his agonies.
At the height of his pain he cried out: "Lord, more pain if Thou pleasest, and more patience". And to his torturer he said: "I am not angry with you for all this, but shall pray to God for your welfare and salvation".  He also suffered deprivation of food and clothing. On 6th December together with Edmund Gennings, Polydore Plasden, and Swithin Wells he was condemned to death for being Catholic.

Having been hung by the neck from the Tyburn Tree he was cut down and then rose to his feet. As he staggered he was tripped up and dragged to the fire where two men stood upon his arms, pinning him to the ground, while the executioner butchered him whilst still conscious. The remains of his body were thrown on to the fire.

He bore this suffering for refusing to deny that the Catholic Church was the one true church established by Christ. He won his crown at Tyburn in 1591, a mere 31 years of age.




  St. Eustace White pray for me that the graces achieved through your suffering and martyrs blood may result in the conversion of my heart. Pray that I may serve and be strong in faith as I journey on the road of purification which will lead me to the sainthood that all Catholics are called to strive for whilst on Earth.

When my will fails me, pray to my Lord and King to guide me along the narrow path. Do this for me so that I do not fall into any sin which would separate me from Him. 

Saint Eustace White
Pray for me

Bl. John Henry Newman on 
the English Martyrs.

Can we suppose that the blood of our martyrs shall never receive its recompense? Those priests did they suffer for no end? Or rather, for an end which is not yet accomplished? O my God, are they to have no reward?  Shall they lose life, and not gain a better life for the children of those who persecuted them?

And in that day of trial and desolation for England, when hearts were pierced through and through with Mary's woe, at the crucifixion of Thy body mystical, was not every tear that flowed, and every drop of blood that was shed, the seeds of a future harvest, when they who sowed in sorrow were to reap in joy?




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