Monday, 10 October 2011

St Dominic Savio, England & the Syllabus of Errors

St Dominic Savio, England & the 
Syllabus of Errors

In 1857 Dom Bosco related to Blessed Pius IX a vision of St. Dominic Savio:

St. Dom Bosco

      'One morning, while I was doing my thanksgiving after Holy Communion, I was taken by a strong distraction. It seemed that I was on a very vast flat land surface, full of people surrounded by thick darkness. They were walking, but did so as though they had lost their way and could not see where they set their feet. Someone beside me said, "This region is England."
St. Dominic Savio

'Then I saw the Supreme Pontiff, Pius IX. He was dressed in a majestic fashion, carrying in his hands a splendorous light, and advancing amidst the multitude of people. As He advanced, the darkness gradually disappeared and the people were bathed with so much light that it seemed noon time.      

'The friend said, "This light is the Catholic Religion, which must illuminate England."'  

Catholic knight states: What is the significance of Pope Pius IX in today's day and age? Well, it was Pope Pius IX who gave us both the infallible dogma of the Immaculate Conception and the famous Syllabus of Errors, both of which could do wonders for England right now.

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