Saturday, 8 October 2011

Catholic Evangelisation in the West is all but dead but, there is a solution!!!

I have said before that it seems the only way that Catholics evangelise in this day and age is by presenting apostolic visits with the Pope centre stage for the biggest show on Earth in front of hundreds of thousands (or in the case of WYD millions) of pilgrims. 

This creates a media scrum which proves to the citizens of that country that Christianity is not dead, it is not boring,  there are enough people there to prove to the secular world that it doesn't even have to be embarrassing to be a Christian, and most importantly you will not be alone. The camera's may even show someone in deep prayer, which often has the most impact on those watching who are on the verge of exploring their faith.

Before I start I wish to say that I have no problems with this, it is truly excellent and undoubtedly it works. The Pope used to be called the 'prisoner of the Vatican' before the days of JPII so let us pray that these apostolic visits continue. I also appreciate that there are many Catholics that do try and evangelise in our everyday lives and there are also some excellent school mission teams that go out into schools for a week and try and teach the kids about Christ. However, this is a minute fraction of what needs to be happening in a country that has the word secular written all the way through it!


Vatican II left evangelisation for the laity to sort out
The laity left evangelisation for the bishops & clergy to sort out


It is interesting that the Bishop's have announced a five year mission promoting evangelisation and Catholic witness. Having said this I still have not heard how they aim to make it a success or what the strategy is. The truth is NO ONE knows what to do about the problem. There is no shame about this. It is literally a gargantuan problem and it is like turning a super tanker around.


The Bishop's need to invite numerous mission teams from Africa & Asia to our shores to be a catalyst for the re-evangelisation of the West. The secular world of England & America will not accept our own people evangelising in the streets but, they may very well accept and even listen to those from overseas. This needs to go hand in hand with a Bishop led national push for: 

1. Corpus Christi processions, the crowning of Mary, and other re-established feast day Eucharistic/Marian walks of witness

2. A renewed emphasis on devotions encouraging prayer for national conversions (e.g. Our Lady of Walsingham/Our Lady of the Taper)

3. A Bishop led push to re-establish pilgrimages to National Shrines (Walsingham/Cardigan) which will also encourage prayers for conversions.

4. A bishop led push for the re-establishment of the Prayer for England at the end of every Mass.

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  1. Or ... not eat meat on Friday if you feel like it and you happen to live in England!

    Sorry to be flippant. It seems to me the Church generally has lost focus; and what's more disheartening, they are not too keen to listen to good advice from the likes of you.

    Keep up the good work.

    God bless.