Friday, 4 May 2012

Pray for Chen Guangcheng, China, & Pro-Life

Pray for Chen Guangcheng. Pray for China

Pray for Pro-Life in China

This blind attorney has taken on the cases of women who have been subject to forced abortion and sterilisation. He sought refuge in the American Embassy in Beijing. He has now left the Embassy because he became aware of a specific threat to his family.

 Some Facts about China!

1. Couples in China must apply for a certificate to become pregnant. They are heavily fined if they become pregnant without this.

2. Women at work have the humiliation of their menstrual cycle dates displayed on a public noticeboard by the person in the factory paid to police such issues. 

3. Women have metal intrauterine devices inserted so the same system can X-Ray them each year to check it is there.
4. Forced abortion and sterilisation is common. Figures are difficult to obtain but it is estimated that at the very least 400 million+ girls have been forcibly aborted since 1980.

5. Up to 1 million newly born girls are abandoned every year in China.

5. Infanticide is common with over 100,000+ girls being killed after birth. This normally happens in a place known as the 'dying room' in state orphanages.

6. Some Catholics in Britain and America are now boycotting products made in China. 

7. Catholicism has effectively been banned in China and the Church is run by the state and known as the Chinese Catholic Patriotic Association. Bishops are picked by the state. The true Catholic Church is now underground and is similar to that of the English Catholic Church immediately after the reformation. 

9. Protect the Pope.Com has now highlighted the BBC report on China’s black market trade in aborted baby flesh for human consumption as a ‘medicine’ to cure disease and boost stamina. South Korea says it will increase customs inspections which as so far targeted 17,500 capsules containing powdered human flesh.

Our Lady Empress of China Pray for Them

(Come on Louth, Brigg, Market Rasen and Grimsby Catholics - Get Praying)

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