Sunday, 14 August 2011

Once again the UK Catholic Church is bailed out by a non-Catholic!!!

Once again the UK Catholic Church is Bailed Out by Non-Catholics!!!

To be honest I am getting sick to be back teeth of it. A few months ago we had the atheist and openly gay historian David Starkey on Question Time coming to the defence of faith....

....and now we have the Anglican Peter Hitchens on a Sky News Riot Special. Peter quite clearly said (and was backed up by the excellent and inspirational Shaldon Thomas) that events such as these riots have been caused by many factors however, the very foundation underpinning all these factors is the loss of Christianity in Britain.

Arrrrgggggggg!!!!!! When is a single Archbishop or Bishop of England and Wales actually going to start publicly defending something (anything for that matter). I am sick of glib statements from Ecclestone Square. When are these people going to show some back bone and actually tell people in this country that something called Christianity actually exists 

*pulls hair out in despair*.

The Anglican Peter Hitchens did it again today on BBC Radio 4's Any Questions?
He once again defended faith/church and the family in forthright terms!!!!
Come on Vincent Nicols this is beginning to get embarrassing. Once again the UK Catholic Church is being bailed out by an Anglican! 

Many of us are trying to be witnesses to the faith whilst Vincent Nicols (the man at the top) is refusing to engage with society and proclaim the Truth. What hope have we got if our leader refuses to do his job?

If you do not believe me then do a google news search for Vincent Nicols. You will soon find only 10 articles none of which are in national newspapers or from the BBC/Sky. All but two are in pretty much small scale Catholic web/news papers

I hate having to 'bad mouth' our Cardinal in waiting (or any Bishop). I try at all costs not to be disobedient, but this really is trying my patience now. I have resisted for a long time saying anything negative. Am I the only one to think this or am I being unreasonable? If I am will some one please tell me.

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