Thursday, 12 May 2011

Now this is what being a Catholic is all about!!!!!

Michael Vorris highlights Cardinal Burke's trip to Huston and the vigil outside the Planned Parenthood abortuary in the city.

It is only my personal view but Catholicism is at its strongest when we go outside the walls of the church and act as a witness in a wider society. Public displays of saying the rosary, Hail Marys, Salve Reginas, prayers and the sight of incence in the public arena are POWERFUL witnesses to the faith.

There will always be people who pick up on the inner truth of these displays when they witness them. THIS IS EXTREMELY POWERFUL STUFF!!!!!!!!!!

There is a need for more rosary rallies outside hospitals in Britain. We need to start to remember that Catholics are not going to be burned at the stake any more for actually going outside our church walls! That part of the reformation is well and truly over.

Congratulations to Cardinal Burke and to Michael Vorris for bringing this item into the global arena. Let us pray that it will spur others on to undertake similar events.

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