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There is a growing call for the Charisms of the Church to be reclaimed back from those in Charismatic Renewal. Those charisms were once the preserve not only of those in religious orders but, they were once also the preserve of those we would now call traditionalists. Those charisms originally made up the traditions of the Church. We can actually go one step further and say that they are supposed to be spread throughout the whole body of Christ.

The charisms of the Church are scripturally meant for every Catholic. However, when those in charismatic renewal adopted the ridiculed and despised ‘happy clappy’ approach the whole concept and theology behind the charisms of the Church became alienating to vast swathes of Catholics from traditionalists to Latinists (where the charisms had originally existed). Once again the liberals played a destructive role in this arena because the non-scripture believing liberals accepted the ‘happy clappy’ aspects but rejected the theology.

Did you know that a Bishop's Mitre is that shape because it represents the flames above the apostles heads at Pentecost

Around the early 1970's Catholics then started their own separate charismatic renewal group. However, 'the great plan' failed wholesale. Those in charismatic renewal were  supposed to go out from these experiences and their conferences and build up their own 
spirituality so that:

1) They could take an active role in their own salvation
2) They could help others attain their salvation
3) They could build up God's kingdom
4) They could build up The body of Christ.

However, what happened was that the vast majority became involved in what is now known as the 'charismatic jungle' who chased from one conference to the next, and were only a part of it for what they could get out of it for themselves. Many Catholic charismatic groups also lead their membership in a protestant direction. There was a recent argument on this issue on the excellent Fr Ray's Blog. I will leave it to you to pick the story apart. However, there are plenty of others on there that agree, including some uber-traditionalists.

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  1. Yes, I think you do have a point. Those Catholics who are open to allowing the Holy Spirit to be active & manifest in their daily lives, are regarded as automatically liberal which is a nonsense when they generally are more orthodox than the orthodox! What happened was that so many people were afraid of what the Holy Spirit might 'make them do' (i.e I. might have to put my hands in the air and then i'd feel silly) it was pushed into a cul de sac of prayer meetings for those who 'like that sort of thing'. Pentecost is for all of us all of the time.