Saturday, 12 May 2012

Promoting the Canonisation of Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa of Balazar

Catholic mystic who re-lived the sufferings of the passion 182 times, 
undertook a Eucharistic Fast for 13 years, 
fourth Seer of Fatima,
and rising star of the Church

Alexandrina was born in Balasar, Portugal on 30th March, 1904. Before her story begins a cross appeared on the ground at Balazar. The priest kept destroying it but it kept re-appearing. The 2 minute video below explains the miracle of the cross. At age 14, in order to escape an attack by three men and to maintain her purity, she jumped from the window. She later became bedridden from a progressive paralysis, from which she suffered for the remaining 30 years of her life. She did not despair, but entrusted herself to Jesus. As a result, she began to live through powerful mystical experiences (commonly known as ecstasies) and from Friday, 3rd October, 1938 until 24th March, 1942, she relived the sufferings of the Passion 182 times. Beginning in 1942 until her death, Alexandrina was fed only on the Eucharist. This Eucharistic fast lasted 13 years which was at various point authenticated by doctors during long stays in hospital.
After 10 years of paralysis she offered Eucharistic reparation for the conversion of sinners. On 30th July, 1935 Jesus appeared to her saying: “I have put you in the world so that you may draw life only from Me, to bear witness to the world how precious the Eucharist is. The strongest chain that keeps souls in bondage with Satan is the flesh and the sins of impurity. Never has there been such a spread of vices, wickedness and crimes as there is today! Never has there been so much sin. The Eucharist - My Body and Blood - Behold, the Eucharist is the salvation of the world.” Mary appeared to her on September 12, 1949,  saying  “The world is in agony and is dying in sin.....” On 13th October, 1955, the anniversary of the last apparition of the Mary at Fatima, Alexandrina said: “I am happy, for I am on my way to heaven.” She died at 7:30 in the evening on that day.

 Video & DVD available from Mary's Dowry Productions

The process of canonisation is well underway and Balazar is now becoming a pilgrimage destination via an excursion from Fatima. Find out more at Kevin Rowles' web page.

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