Thursday, 17 March 2011

Time for English Bishops to Build a Basilica at Our Walsingham Shrine!

               Did you know that before the reformation there were only three primary pilgrimage sites in the world; Jerusalem, Santiago de Compostela, and our very own Walsingham. Gadfly says it is time for the Bishops of England to bring Walsingham back to its full glory! NOW! 

               The Marian Order & Staff that looks after the Our Lady of Walsingham Shrine do a tremendous job, but it is now time for the Bishops to provide them with more resources and money to build the Roman Catholic Basilica which should have been built there in the first place! The Bishops of England (past & present) have neglected the place for far too long and Gadfly now says enough is enough!


Video of History & pilgrims on the Holy Mile at Walsingham!

Come on Bishop's of England you have neglected the place for far too long. We want our BASILICA now, and Walsingham put back as England's spiritual home and truly ENGLAND'S NAZARETH!

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  1. A lovely idea, but the Bishops must be hard pressed for money right now. All the ex-Anglican clergy must be supported and found homes - and they are in themselves great treasures as souls who have come home.