Thursday, 10 November 2011

It is now time to re-instate the Prayer for England at the end of Mass.

It is now time to re-instate the Prayer for England at the end of Mass


Pope Leo XIII (who canonised & beatified ten of our Martyrs) commissioned the prayer which was most likely composed by his English Secretary of State, Cardinal Merry del Val. It was stated by Leo XIII that the prayer be said after mass with the main aim of converting Anglicans back to Catholicism. 

“We grant, that is, to all those who piously recite this prayer, to whatever nation they may belong, an indulgence of three hundred days; moreover, a plenary indulgence once a month on the observance of the usual conditions to those who have recited it daily”. Pope Leo XIII.

However, the reading of this Prayer was stopped after 19 years & many of us believe that although an emancipation occurred England has not been converted. It is time for this prayer to be re-instated after every Sunday Mass as it was meant to be. A letter has been sent to the Papal Nuncio to England & Wales, and Pope Benedict, with the long term aim of getting this prayer re-instated with the emphasis being on ALL those on the outside of the Church being prayed for (not just Anglicans which was historically the case).


Prayer is at the forefront of all spiritual battle and although I understand that as individuals we all have our personal devotions there can be no battle worth fighting than to pray for THE SOULS of ALL our lost brethren in this country. We only have to look at the recent London riots and the rapidly advancing secular nature of Britain to see that THIS PRAYER IS A PRIORITY ISSUE. We are an evangelical Church we are supposed to saves souls for Christ. If we are not out on the streets doing this then praying as the 'body of Christ' for our own people is the very least that every English Catholic should be aiming for.

We know that our prayers will be answered. It is time to get conversions for Christ and the Kingdom by praying as the 'body of Christ' for these conversions?

Time to bring back the 
Prayer for England!

Some content from L.M.S. Chairman's blog, many thanks.

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